PMI - Ripped off

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We, too, became involved with PMI to have a business at home and online. As we progressed thru the program designed by Anthony Morrison we were handed off to new companies such as, Tax Club, Business Credit group, Advertising Groups, and Marketing. Each step was $5000.00 here or $10,000 there using our own good credit. We had no debt until PMI came into our lives. The training program that PMI sets up for you, appears to be designed to make you finally realize you are in debt up to your neck and because you have not completed the online training, which is set up for you not to be able to complete so you do not get some of your money back.

This group, PMI and their associated companies are nothing by white color crooks and thieves that lied to us!

I wish there would be a class action suit against them, we would join!

PMI is a rip off, a *** game and another way to take advantage of trustworthy citizens.

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San Diego, California 2 comments

As a Christian, I have left this matter concerning PMI up to the Lord.I have posted the details of my scam at the hands of these thieves on many sites on the Internet.

Just remember, you PMI liars: what goes around comes around.

Perhaps you at PMI are proud of your success and special ability in swindling and cheating honest, gullible people, such as myself and many, many others.

Since PMI has branched out under so many new names to disguise their identity and keep up their deceitful practices, a reliable source has told me that Professional Marketing International of Lehi, Utah, has kept the same acronym, but that PMI now stands for PATHOLOGICAL MISREPRESENTATION & iNVERACITY.

Has anyone else heard this wonderful news?

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Faisalabad, Punjab Province , Pakistan #871973

To be a Venture Managing Expert, you will have the actual attributes regarding commonsense along with thinking ability, know-how within your specific subject, self motivation web site obtain issues accomplished,PMI-100 leadership expertise along with beneficial communications, along with to be able to direct a team regarding staff to a widespread objective. This may demand the skill-sets regarding humor, have confidence in, sympathy along with developing self-confidence.


I worked with a company CR Consumer Resources 888-563-5558 to help me get my money back from PMI.

Great service- excellent results!

PMI - Tax Club is a shell game

Salem, Oregon 0 comments
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We got involved with PMI, which is affliated with TaxClub. As each step progressed, it has cost us more and more money. The worst part is none of the costs are discussed or mentioned up front. I, in fact, had said at one point (to PMI) that "we don't have any more money to invest" and was told that there "would be no more costs".

We got involved with this whole thing via, thinking that we could own and operate a business from home. They then passed us onto TaxClub to do our taxes and service our tax needs. We, ourselves, have been legitimate, honest, and unfortunately, trusting. We've been duped, like in a shell game.

We'd like to suggest that you avoid PMI and That's where this this whole mess began for us. Now we're tens of thousands in debt for a business that cannot happen. Our dreams are shattered!

Is there a class action suit out there? How do we add our name to the list? We're financially tapped out now, with no way to recupe our costs.

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